Why is Yoga important in our life?

Why is Yoga important in our life?

How did yoga change your life?” I remember this friend asking me this question, as I was explaining to her how yoga was helping me with anxiety, my body image; what yoga was doing to my body and my mental health,…

Because yoga can be practiced anywhere, at any time, even without a mat. Yoga isn’t only a “sport”, it is a way of living your life.

But how? By practicing what we learn and experience on the mat in our daily life, when we are out of the mat. 

Ok, but then : what does yoga teach us when we are practicing?

Yoga teaches us:

How to be present, here and now. This can be the case, no matter where, with who, and what you are doing. Being fully here allows you to cherish the time you are living.

How to breathe. Deep breath in, deep breath out. Our breath is such a powerful tool, either to calm down, to clear my mind, to help detoxifying the body,… even in “normal life” if we come back over and over to it: it can do magic.

How to stop self-comparison. On the mat your drishti/gaze is on YOU and you don’t compare yourself to your neighbor; it is the same outside of the mat your focus is you

How to be kind, gentle towards yourself and treating yourself with compassion and love. As on the mat where your practice can change, life does too. We all have better days than others. Then we can choose to observe it and treat ourselves with the exact same compassion as we would on the mat.

How to get up again if you fall. Have you ever fallen from the Tree pose? Probably, many of us have. How did you react then? “no that’s it I will never EVER do the tree pose ever again?” No way! You fell and you got back on it. This is the same in life: sometimes we fall, we learn, we try out our balance. But we don’t give up! We stand tall and proud and we go back for it.

This is why yoga is so important in our life. This is why it can change a life.

Try remembering: you can practice yoga on and off your mat. Even if you do not have the opportunity to take a class: “real life” can be an exciting playground to practice.

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