Jiva Moon’s Offers

Do you recognize yourself in...

  • Thinking your body is what defines you.
  • Weighing yourself every day/several times per day. Knowing the result will influence if it is going to be a « good » or a « bad» day.
  • Food and your body image are taking up most of your mental space.
  • Constantly comparing yourself to others.
  • Telling yourself « I will finally feel happy and confident once I …»
  • Thinking people are judging you by your looks, your body shape, what and how you eat...
  • Feeling stuck and disconnected from who you are or want to be.
  • Feeling tired from spending so much energy on fears and doubts and wanting to move on - but not knowing how.
I address my work specifically to women.
I built these offers to guide women in letting go of what society tells us “to be” or to “look like” in order to be accepted.
  • We will work on reconnecting with our inner goddess, listening to our intuition, embracing our empathy, rediscovering our grace and beauty.
  • We will learn to see and treat our body as this amazing sacred temple, no matter how it looks, what age, shape or size it is.
  • We will learn to cherish, honor and respect the unique expression of who we truly are.

What you’ll gain

Reconnect to & honor your body
Healthier relationship with food
Welcoming your emotions and working through them
Activating your Self-love
Energy to spend on something greater than self-doubt
Simple & practical tools to use in your daily life
Finding your inner peace
Recognizing & understanding the kickass woman within you!