About me

My name is Sophie Vaxelaire. I did my very first diet at the age of 12. I remember feeling fat, ashamed and ugly. This very first diet led me into 15 years of eating disorders. 15 years of fighting my body. 15 years of spending most of my days thinking about only this. How do I look? Are people judging me? What am I allowed to eat or not? These thoughts consumed me.

My life changed when I went to my very first yoga class. For one entire hour, I was able to quiet my mind and focus on my body for how it felt and not how it looked.

I remember thinking, ‘there has to be something bigger behind this,’ and that was how I began my journey into self-love.

I remember thinking there is something wrong with how we relate to our body image in respect to our weight, our appearance, our diet.

I remember thinking how sad it is to feel how many of us are judging ourselves and how much space it takes in our lives.
When I started to share my personal story openly, women from around the world sent me messages saying how my experience resonated with them. This is how Jiva Moon was born.

I am Jiva Moon

I want every woman to see and meet the kickass woman they have inside of them — and show it to the world!
My mission
is to guide women to reconnect with their body, to realise their beauty and their magic, and to share their gifts with the world.
My life’s work is to support women in taking back control of the space and energy this can take.
To help women find freedom, so they get to enjoy everything that life has to offer.
I believe change is possible.
I believe in you. I see you.

Why Jiva Moon?

“Jiva” means “living being”.
It comes from the verb-root “jiv” which translates “to breathe/to live”.
I wanted to remind myself to live fully this amazing life that is offered to me. This work has given me the feeling that I met again my inner being. That I brought Sophie back to life, where she was asleep for so long. I wish for you to awaken again your inner Jiva.
The moon is a symbol of femininity.
It represents the rhythm of time and the cycle of womanhood. The Moon is here to bring us light, even in the darkest time.

I personally love its circular nature and that it is always changing. It is a great reminder that everything is in motion!