Why diet culture is toxic

Why diet culture is toxic ? Or what you will never hear from me in my classes

Dear fitness and diet industries, you triggered me so many times. “Get bikini ready, “This will burn your fat away”, “More crunches to get your six pack”, “sweat that cake out”, “find out how to lose weight for the summer”, and so on… oh dear, how much it triggered me at some point in my life. 

How guilty and disgusting you made me feel. Instead of empowering the woman that I already was at that time.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of encouraging people to push themselves a bit more, of taking care of their body through healthy eating and moving.

BUT there is a big difference for me between encouraging and making people feel guilty or like sh** about the cake they may have eaten, or not having a ‘bikini body’ (if someone can please explain to me what a bikini body is honestly…), or not looking a certain way, or or or…

We feel then we are never good enough, never reaching this ‘perfection’, so we keep going for it, over and over : diet culture is a toxic fake ‘friend’ that supposingly wants your well-being.

So I make it an important point in all of my classes or any of my exercises, to share with you words of self-love, empowerment, self-esteem :

“show yourself how powerful and badass you are”, “you got this”, “give yourself a high five”, “you are doing amazing, keep going for it”,… and so on,…

So we can work together on boosting your self-esteem instead of crushing it.

I do want to give you the inspiration to go higher, to develop your self-respect, your sense of self-worth,… I want you during a class or any exercise to be you and to feel powerful and beautiful exactly as you are now. 

The idea is not to associate these moments with suffering or “I have to do this exercise to compensate for what I ate”, but instead to bring this feeling of “I want to do this to do good to my body and mind. I want to feel empowered.”

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How to start intuitive eating?

Having gone through eating disorders, the way I ate had such a strong impact on how I mentally and physically felt, and how high or low my level of self-esteem was. 

I have a big journey to reconcile my eating and my body. But I am the living proof that it can get better, and you can get out of eating disorders. 

It took me quite a while to reconnect with real intuitive eating, and to fully feel how what I ate had an impact on how I physically felt. 

I was craving so many things, so often, that I thought it was what my body needed. I thought this was ‘intuitive eating’, so I was quite happy to do this and eat that way.

But it was only recently that I reconnected so deeply with my body, that I observed : it wasn’t intuitive eating. It was still me coping with my emotions through food.  

Nowadays, I know what does good to my body and fully gives me fuel for the day and makes my mind as well feel clear and strong. And I learned to notice as well what type of food made me kind of tired, slow and foggy. 

So here are the intuitive eating tips to I use on myself:

  • I stopped writing down what I ate. I know many people can recommend the contrary. Stopping this actually gave me mental space back and pushed me to reconnect directly with how my body felt, instead of letting my head talk
  • What works and feels great for your neighbor, sister, best friend,… doesn’t have to suit you! This is a big one. Looking towards “free eaters”, we tend to think “Ok I will just eat exactly the same, so I end up looking the same, feeling the same,…”. But the magic of human beings makes all of us different people. Different needs, different reactions,… So maybe they can eat in a certain way, but maybe for you it just won’t bring you what YOUR body needs
  • Do not give a damn about what people may or may not think about what you eat. This is your body, your choice. YOURS only (taking into consideration you are a grown-up person, fully able to feed yourself). 
  • There is no ‘perfect diet’. So give yourself some peace of mind and stop trying to reach for it. Everything is really about balance. 
  • I choose what I eat thinking about how the food makes me feel afterwards, and the feeling it brings me (I love sweets and eating chocolate brings me so much joy, so I eat it without any guilt feeling). 
  • I stopped “punishing myself” for what I ate during the day. I used to feel really guilty if I ate something I thought “I shouldn’t have” without compensating for it. I stopped this, because our body is SO freaking incredible: it absorbs the energy of these feelings as well. So this is what it brings to every cell and every part of ourselves when we associate a ‘bad’ emotion to food. Instead I thank the food every single time for giving me energy, strength and love.
  • I reconnect over and over to my body. If I feel I overeat one day, because I couldn’t do otherwise at that point: I offer myself compassion and love, and fully trust my body to balance everything. Because this is how magic it is. 

It is a process, but the more you practice, the easier it gets.

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