“I need help” how these three words can change a life

I used to always keep it for myself when I was deeply sad. I didn’t want to “bother” friends; I was afraid of their reactions; plus, I wasn’t always sure of what exactly I was feeling inside, or how to put words to it. 

For a long time I thought “that’s ok I can do it on my own. I will read some books and it will help”. And I did some improvements, but I got stuck so many times as well in my own loops. 

When I started to share a bit more with loved ones, I remember friends advising me to talk to a therapist, or to get a life coach; to help me overstep some barriers I had in my mind. 

Every single time someone told me this, my first reaction was “it is too expensive, I won’t spend that much money on this, and I already have all I need in me. I am the one in power”. (Which is funny, given how much money I was spending on diet and “getting thin”). 

But asking for help doesn’t mean that the other one will do the work for you. It doesn’t give away your power. Sometimes we just need the guidance of someone who has been through this and who can help us along the way. But the steps, at the end, will still be ours to take. 

So I did ask for help one day. And another one. And another one. When I felt I needed it, to share my pain and to allow myself to receive support. Which allowed me to find the strength within me to grow. 

Until today I still use tips and tricks we put into motion with the people I worked with. And I am still deeply grateful for all of these. 

Because at the end, don’t you think that you deserve the best? That you deserve to free yourself from self-judgment, from fear, from a poor body image, from diet,…? That you deserve to embrace who you are and how beautiful and incredible you are? 

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How to lose weight in 2 weeks?

Why did you click here? Was it the promise to lose weight within 2 weeks? Was it the hope of losing some kilos, to “finally be happy”? Was it, because your body image is the thing you think the most about every single day?

Whatever the reason is, this is why I named this article that way. It may not be fair for some. But I wanted to talk to YOU. You who thinks you have to change your body so badly. You who is probably lacking of self-love. You who may be moving your body out of fear, instead of love. 

I used to scroll down instagram and to stop on posts like : “tips and tricks to lose weight easily”; or stories like “What did I do to lose 5 kilos within a week”; ⁠or “how to lose weight without doing any diet”?

I used to only look for these things.
I used to grab a magazine if I saw a new diet so I could try it. ⁠

In the hope to finally feel better. In the hope that with these X kilos less I would feel happy and confident. ⁠So I get it. I get you. I have been there.

But here is the secret: with X kilos less or more, it will not make you happier. I was miserable even at my skinniest. ⁠

I was miserable no matter the number on the scale. ⁠

It was never enough. ⁠

💛 And one day I discovered I am neither just my body, neither am I my weight.
I am not just an image.
I am not just what he/you/they see.
My body has never been the issue. Neither was my weight.
Because I already was, and still am: shining inside and out.

So I have one last question for you: are you ready to shine too?

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