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My purpose is to bring joy to women, and guide them towards a more peaceful relationship with their body: to bring them to see the amazing things the world and themselves have to offer!

So often, as women we tend to associate our emotional energy to our reflection in the mirror, so that it gets harder for us to see other aspects of our life.

By speaking up my truth and sharing my personal story and experience, I hope to help you through this journey: to meet the kickass woman you already are, and see this amazing light you have within yourself!
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I truly believe all women are amazing and beautiful, just the way we are. Some just forget how to see it.

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Improve health
Establish concrete changes into your life through your mind, body and soul
Awaken your feminine essence
Meet your inner Goddess and allow the world to meet her
Restore your body image
Forgive & forget the body image you had and start becoming who you want to be
Start intuitive eating
Discover the pleasure of eating mindfully by just listening to your body’s needs
Boost your self-love
Lower down the volume of negativity and learn to see the stunning things in you
Feel beautiful
Make peace with the beautiful, amazing perfect woman that you already are

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Katrjin, Belgium
Sophie is an amazing yoga teacher. She creates her classes with a clear vision and guides you through those movement journeys. But it's more than that, she brings you in a meditative state. After each class I felt so relaxed and connected with myself (body and mind). Her deep warm voice and gentle adjustments are an amazing guidance for my own personal journey on the mat. I love the mantra's she uses at the beginning of each class. The set the tone for the day. I'm very grateful for Sophie's teaching!
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